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Does the staff actually ever reply to posts or is that just a myth?

No one will believe you.


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I can’t help but think how self centered we’re going to look when we get to heaven and go through the awkward introductions in the persecuted section:

“Hi, my name is Peter. They crucified me on a cross upside down.”

“Hi, my name is Stephen. They smashed my head in with rocks.”

“Hi, my name is Polycarp. They tried to burn me at the stake but I didn’t catch on fire so they stabbed me to death”.

“Hi, my name is William Tyndale. They chocked me to death at the stake and then burned by body.”

“Hi, my name is Michael Brown. They told me that if I wanted my business to be able to accept government funds that I couldn’t fire people simply because of their sexual orientation.”

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This is Foo-Chan, the Japanese equivalent of Grumpy Cat. But instead of being grumpy, he just looks like he’s disappointed all of the time. 


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Anonymous said: who gives a shit american AKs are crap








AK’s are crap, the only thing they were designed for was to allow uneducated “Freedom Fighters” to spray a lot of bullets at the other guys and be easy to maintain by people that had never seen machines.  HMMM does kind of remind me of the anti-science…

Ill-informed AND racist? Hilarious.

"The mass conscript Red Army was never trained in the belief that the individual rifleman could hold much sway on the battlefield, but that millions of similarly armed men racing across the Fulda Gap in West Germany during the Cold War out of their BMP’s could win objectives through sheer force of numbers. To this end, the AK design was inexpensive to produce, operated on simple principles, had large, robust and FEW parts, was easy to maintain by uneducated troops and worked."

So…it’s bad because it does what it was designed to do?

At least when the Russians built an intermediate-caliber rifle it could be trusted to fire every time.

American AK’s usually blow dicks, or are thought to, because Century shoved out shitty WASRs. People defend them “Well some are good!” It shouldn’t be a gamble with something I might trust my life to. “Well they’re better now.” They shouldn’t have put out an inferior product to begin with.

Exactly. I’ll trust a battle-worn Zastava or Type 56 over a fresh-off-the-line WASR any day of the week.

Senpai noticed me.

In other news, Century AK’s are to be avoided. Sure, one out of a thousand MIGHT be good, but if you put a thousand gun monkeys in a room, Century might put out a good AK. Some american AK’s are worth their salt, but if it says IO Inc, it might also be garbage.

Reblog for added commentary.  Didn’t realize that AK-47s were able to generate such a firestorm.

Anonymous said: It's obvious you don't know what the hell you're talking about when it comes to guns.

Sorry I’m no ammosexual.  I only know safe methods, for those that I don’t want to hit, and unsafe to the other guy, I do want to harm.  I’ll take a gun with accuracy over spray and pray.


Here’s what happens when a Republican drafts even a halfway serious plan to deal with poverty.
The Tea Party hates poor people so much!

Is this the same asinine plan to give the money to Governors (Like Perry) and let them do as they please?


Here’s what happens when a Republican drafts even a halfway serious plan to deal with poverty.

The Tea Party hates poor people so much!

Is this the same asinine plan to give the money to Governors (Like Perry) and let them do as they please?

"A court has dealt a major blow to Obamacare, which, remember, was the conservative alternative originating in the Heritage Foundation and implemented in Massachusetts by the GOP’s last presidential nominee. The right will never quit until it is dead. We are the only advanced nation without universal health care. The Republican message to the poor is: die. Yet a majority of poor whites vote Republican every time."

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Anonymous said: Jokes on you and all of the 28k people who slammed me for that post about adventuresinchemistry and brainsx (and females in stem as a whole.) I'm a WOMAN. No, not a self-hating woman, I'm actually a proud feminist. I have nothing against women in stem, I just believe that you are royally fucking yourself over by choosing a time-consuming profession that's going to scare any real man away. Real men want families.But hey, it's your life. Have fun being alone- at least you'll have your test tubes.



I have no comment. None what so ever.

You’re clearly not a feminist if you don’t believe that women should be able to have a “real man” and a career. The basis of feminism is equality for all genders meaning if you’re a woman who wants a family and a career in STEM fine good for you or if you’re a man who wants a family and a career in nursing or childcare good go for it. You are completely mistaking with what feminism is and any “real man” would want a woman who can stand on her own.